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Hello, Blood Bowl players! With the overwhelming response to @Burk‘s 2019 Ordo Crush Friday draft (Braft) tournament, Ordo Bowl has decided to hold three additional Friday events. Since the Ordo Crush is limited to only eight players, we want to have options for our coaches who aren’t playing in the Crush to play something else that day. There are three new events:

  • ACAA Crush Combine 8/16/2019 10am: a FREE Blitz Bowl event, the Crush Combine is held by the Arabyan Collegiate Athletics Association (ACAA) to find the next group of young players to join next year’s Crush. The event will use the standard Blitz Bowl rules, but will feature a tutorial before game one so that coaches that have never played before can participate. The event will feature four 45 minute games. The winner will receive a trophy to acknowledge their victory, and points toward the Ordo Bowl III Grand Championship. As this is our first ever Blitz Bowl event, we will only be using official teams released in the core set or White Dwarf. Even though the event is free, we highly encourage coaches to sign up using the link below so we can anticipate participation. Please note: if you’re playing in the Ordo Crush, you cannot play in the Crush Combine. The two events are played at the same time.
  • Bazaar Bash 8/16/2019 2pm: Ordo Bowl’s first ever Street Bowl tournament, Bazaar Bash brings the All Araby Derby to the markets and streets of Nagashizzar. Bazaar Bash follows all standard Street Bowl rules from The NAF, which can be found hereIn Araby, the Bazaars bustle in the day time with the sounds and activities of the merchants and shoppers...but when night falls, the gangs of Araby use the streets of the bazaars to play the most brutal of all forms of Blood Bowl, Street Bowl. For the first time ever, Nikk Three-horn and Ordo Bowl have organized the action, and will be presenting a prize to the best Street Bowl team in Araby at the 2019 Bazaar Bash. Please note: if you’re playing in the Ordo Crush, you cannot play in Bazaar Bash. The two events are played at the same time.

    Standard Street Bowl rules, with the following exceptions:

    - You may apply two general skills to two separate players
    - Rerolls may not be purchased
    - Leader may not be taken

  • Nagashizzar Nights 8/16/2019 7pm: As the lanterns fade and darkness falls on Araby, Nagash’s influence is felt  more than ever. The evening’s uneasy tranquility is often wrecked by the sounds of clashing armor, broken bones, and the agony of players being reborn. Nagashizzar Nights is a four game Blood Bowl Sevens tournament, starting at 7pm after the 2019 Ordo Crush awards. Standard NAF rules will be used, which can be found here. In addition to the team building rules in the link, coaches may give one player one standard skill; stat increases are not allowed. No team may take the Leader skill.


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