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Consolidate OFCC into single sub

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i didnt pin the looking for a team threads.

But i want to highlight and bring attention to all the teams who put in hard work and time to attend OFCC by putting them on the first page of the 40k forum for just the next month until OFCC happens.

The OFCC sub does not get enough traffic because everyone just goes to the respective sub for game system.

I am only following the will of the masses!

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This is the second non-pinned topic in the 40k section, and I had to go to page 2 to view it.

I fully like that OFCC is generating so many cool threads, but is the plan to sacrifice the functionality of the 40k section in the process?

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2 hours ago, DisruptiveConduct said:

yes, im making you click *one more time* to see something other than ofcc threads. takes... half a second to click?

the teams at the 40k team event spend way more time than that on their armies, painting, preparing, traveling and playing.

so yes, for one month you get to make an extra click 


Frankly, I find this conduct.....disruptive 😎

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