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IIL Week Two, October 6th

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When: 3 PM

Where: WOW

Points: 200, Limit 10 models, one combat group!

Who: You

Mission: Steal the Data.


Data Bundles are strewn across the table. Each will be 8 inches away from the can be on and in buildings.

Your mission is to collect as many as possible. A model may collect multiple packs and the packs can not be looted. Once taken, they cannot be regain.   To activate the packs, you need only move over the pack. However, some of the packs are actually traps (Strength 15 and explosive). Touching them detonated the trap.

A successful  WIP roll of a Hacker or Engineer in Zone of Control or a  Forward Observe will allow the player  peek to see if the  data pack is real or a trap.



Have More Data Packs than your opponent at the end of the game: 4 points

Have the same amount of Data Packs : 2 points

Have at least 1 Data Pack: 1 point

Detect More Packs than your opponent: 2 points

Detect a trap without triggering it: 2 points. 

Have a Hacker, Engineer, or Forward Observer alive st the end of the game: 1 point


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