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Bending / Reshaping Plastic?

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Howdy all! So I recently got in a set of the cool new Oathmark Goblin Wolf Riders, with the intent of having the goblins ride something else. Looking at the models, it's seems clear that the legs needed to be bowed out a little more to fit on their new mounts. 

I'm wondering if anyone has some experience? I've used boiling water to reshape resin before, will that also work with plastic as well?

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Different plastics will respond differently, so you might want to do some test runs using the bitz of excess sprue before you start trying it out on the models, but...

Boiling water seems to be the safest and surest method, in my experience. It seems to work almost all of the time and doesn’t seem like it will cause any harm if it doesn’t work. 

If you have a tea kettle or an electric kettle, you can also try holding the mini in the steam jet as the water boils (use tongs!) this has worked for me in the past with softer and/or thinner plastics, like Airfix kits.

I’ve also known people who have used their ovens (at a very low temp) and their microwaves. But that seems like  potential health risk for future food prep to me.

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