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Advice on Shipping an Army

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Do you guys have any advice for sending a small 40k army though USPS? I took part of my Guard army to college out-of-state (Ohio), and with the Corona crisis I had to come back to Oregon to continue college online. My friend will clean out our dorm room next week and mail my belongings back. I'm worried about the army staying intact--it's all infantry, packed up tight in its own box along with the gaming and modeling supplies I brought with them. I told my friend he should tape the box shut, wrap it in my blanket, and ship it in a larger moving box. (And yes, I am paying him back in full for the shipping costs.)

Side question: I know I left a tube of Krazy glue with the army, can that be shipped, or should I have my friend remove it?

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Not too long ago, I had my parents ship me a big box of Warhammer Fantasy figures. If you’ve got them packed reasonably well (like in the equivalent of a Battlefoam transport foam tray) then they shouldn’t have too many problems if shipped via FedEx/UPS/USPS.

You may have to reattach a few arms, unbend a few banners, or rebase a couple of dudes, but nothing too serious.

If that bottle of glue has already been opened, it’s unlikely to be of any use once it gets to you. I’d have your friend pull it out, but if he can’t it isn’t a big deal. 

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Just in case you have more time than money (arguable since it seems like your friend will be doing it and not you), you can just buy basic cheap bubble wrap, tape, and wads of paper.  Basically make snowballs of bubble wrapped figures, toss them into a box and fill around the outside edges with wads of paper or packing peanuts/more bubble wrap if you have enough.  I regularly ship painted stuff on ebay packed like this and no one has complained.  I've also received items that way.  I also did the same shipping things via container ship from South Korea to Oregon.  Infantry is actually easier to transport safely because each piece is so small and light.  If your army is metal...that's rough and you probably need to split it up into several boxes depending on how big it really is.  The things you are looking out for are 1) no large empty spaces where the figures can bounce around like in a dryer 2) a box that is sturdy enough to be on the bottom of other boxes without collapsing.  If you ship small boxes they will probably put them on top.  If you ship one giant box, they will want to put it on the bottom.  To speed the process, if your stuff isn't competition level painted and is varnished, you can probably get away with bagging 10 guys at a time in a zipper bag and bubble wrapping that.  For the glue...it is easier to just throw it out since you aren't the one packing this...but here is what USPS has to say.  Basically you have to mark it and pack it well.  https://pe.usps.com/text/pub52/pub52apxc_011.htm

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