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Small building bits (32mm base)

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I'm currently at a loss for basing my Sisters of Battle jetpack units.

I did a test with putting small magnets onto the flight stands and then into the backpacks. It didn't really work acceptably. I also tried to make a kind of "chain tornado" with hobby chain but that also didn't work well (but would have been so cool).

So I'd really like a source for small-ish building bits that I could have them stepping on. I'm also going to make some rocks and rubble piles as well, but it would sure be nice to not have to scratch build like...30 of them.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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If you can find someone with a 3D printer to help you out, you could look for something like this (or equivalent): 


There are a lot of really good files out there for ruined columns and pillars and walls and stuff like that. It's cheap, robust, and for something like this where perfect detail isn't necessary, a good solution. Hell, if you find some STL files you like, I could probably print some off and ship 'em to you, if you were willing to kick me some cash for the print time (filament is so cheap it's not even worth calculating the expense, but to make a printed piece look good takes a while.)

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