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  1. Ah, yes, right. My mistake. My point was mainly this isn't a "throw everything out to play suggested size". There's no reason at all to think that a slightly bigger play mat or table is a money grab, when you can just...use less of the thing you already have. Now you have more room for beer and rolling dice.
  2. But...it's a reduction of size, not an increase. You can just put some electrical tape or something on the mats you have, or cut them down if you're feeling froggy. It's not a "throw out your mat and/or boards" you...just use the same thing and put a ruler down on one side to adjust the available space. If any intent, beyond logistics, is there it's likely that reducing the size of the play field is both to a) have a reduced play area to go along with the increase in points costs (and therefor fewer models on the table) and b) as part of trying to make melee armies more potent.
  3. Always look first to logistics 😉 Nicely broken down @Ish
  4. I think that if the terrain rules, and the new missions, and universal competitive format are all successful, then what we're going to see is that future balance changes, and new/rewritten rules are going to be fantastic. Not to mention that, according to the play testers that are TOs, the format will stay at 2000 points, even though point costs are increasing across the board. That means faster games, and a lower bar for entry. More players playing more games; the same kind of games and missions with the same terrain rules and guidelines. That's good stuff that may not show its full value in the first few months, but will pay off in spades. Can't wait to get my Crusade on. I'm unreasonably hopeful and excited for that. Edit: Also did anyone else catch that you score objectives in your next command phase, from that version of the 4 Pillars Mission they posted? That means a lot less of, "Surprise I run out and grab stuff and you don't get a chance to counter-play."
  5. Their fiscal year starts in June, IIRC. Edit: Yeah, June 3rd 2018, June 2nd 2019, so that either means "the first Monday in June starts the year" or "the first Sunday in June ends the year". Upon the advice of my cats, I do not feel like investigating more into things and will instead pet the cats.
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pLkIFWf81YIhGD6Cy_zfvX4zm5GbkYTTEHEPapCTONY/preview?pru=AAABcnbNzmU*KwIOWFv7HNeBy13je6D7lA Transcript.
  7. Looks like it's a solid evolution, and if all the PA books were indeed designed with it in mind, it should be in a pretty good state at launch. Curious about the digital rules, since I usually buy the Apple Books versions anyway. In any case, an app and better rule management is welcome. Edit: Looks like ITC is adopting the 9th edition rules, and dropping their custom rules (including terrain), and that the new terrain rules are "really good" (NOVA may do as well I just haven't seen it).
  8. I have, I bought some banshees and scorpions for kill team. Great resin, great models. Hardly any cleanup. I'd make sure they're still shipping and whatnot due to COVID but they were great when I ordered from them. It does take a while to arrive, just be forewarned. Size comparison
  9. I echo what Andy said. I have 3 W&N brushes that are over a year old and still sharp as day 1. I use the Masters Brush Soap, and I keep the brushes well cared for, never put them in paint while dry (or the capilary action may draw the paint up into the ferrule) and if I think the paint is creeping up too high, I rinse them out right away. I do use them for acrylic washes sometimes, since the job of a brush is to get the pigment where it needs to be...but again *never* when dry, that wash will just go all up in there and mess things right up. Going to be trying some different brush cleaner that's a soak-job for naturals and synthetics once it arrives. I love me a pack of Blicks cheap synthetic brushes for metalics and enamels.
  10. I am most excited about the Shadowseer. So remember, there's also a 1 CP strategem to *add* a Pivotal Role, and you get to keep your original ability. So I'm looking at Shadowseer warlord, with added Veil of Illusion (you count as being 6" farther away from enemies for the purposes of shooting) and then the Shadowstone relic, increase psyhich range and aura range by 3", using the Player of Twilight trait for CP regen. So now it's a 9" bubble of -1 to Wound, counting as 6" farther away to shoot, and then your strategem to make the -1 to Wound for infantry count for everything gets more powerful, your psychic abilities get longer range. I'm thinking I'll definitly have a Drukhari battalion for 204 points to get a cheap 5 CP and access to Agents of Vect.
  11. Awesome, thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that. Right now I got some resin tablets, and some small plastic I-beams, and I'm going to have a look at what I can do with these so far.
  12. In the words of their Canoness, “Very loyal, and very cool.” Not at all heretical, or Khorn-curious.
  13. I’m like a week or two behind on challenges, but I’m trying to do decent highlighting, and add texture to the cloth using a technique that I have not used before. So far I have learned that slow strokes are bad, they’re wavey. Fast strokes are better but can be too thick. But a nice “turn the brain off and gently brush” stroke is the best.
  14. I'm currently at a loss for basing my Sisters of Battle jetpack units. I did a test with putting small magnets onto the flight stands and then into the backpacks. It didn't really work acceptably. I also tried to make a kind of "chain tornado" with hobby chain but that also didn't work well (but would have been so cool). So I'd really like a source for small-ish building bits that I could have them stepping on. I'm also going to make some rocks and rubble piles as well, but it would sure be nice to not have to scratch build like...30 of them. Does anyone have any ideas?
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