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  1. Really enjoyed playing, when I could make it down to the club. Scheduling was a bit rough this summer. I'd love to see more competitive events, so far it's been difficult to get more than 8 people to show up to tournaments.
  2. 30-50 Feral Hogs Explained Edit: And then they're Daughters of Khaine, so... crap, I really rolled a 1 on this joke, I think.
  3. Looking forward to the Tzeentcheyquins myself. Here's hoping their rules are as cool as their models.
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/KmvHOhx Let's hear it for the graduates. They'll see you in the Arena soon... 🎭
  5. Not painted. I also already committed to someone. I'll edit the post accordingly.
  6. Will be there for Kill Team, bringing another friend in! 🎭
  7. 100 point Arena tournament on July 20th. Registration via BCP: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/dy18xvl6?embed=false
  8. I'll be there with the clowns, and the new in-progress Ynnari (counts-as Asuryani) Kill Team. I'm also bringing along my copy of Apocalypse for curious eyes! 🎭
  9. I went to the GW store last weekend to play a demo game, and it was at 100 power level (about 2000pts of 40k) and it worked very well. The store owner said that they were playing 100pl games like crazy in Dallas when they went to the Citadel for training, the games took about 1.5 hours, and were tons of fun. One of the main things that helps smaller games work is that HQ is optional for detachments (obviously there are advantages to having them). The rules look great, I am super excited to see what the command cards are, and I'm about to prime my first non-Kill Team models in 10+ years in anticipation!
  10. No worries, thanks for letting me know!
  11. Sorry I lost track of time adding to the circus... At least I got some work done!
  12. Edit: Sold! From the grim darkness of my closet, I must purge the following plastic: 7 Terminators 8 assault marines Forgeworld Ultramarine Shoulderpads for terminators 22 Tac Marines 1 Whilrwind/Rhino 1 Partial Speeder Black Templars box (1 Rhino, 1 Templar Command Squad, 2 Templar Crusade Squads) Quite a lot of assorted bits (Smallcat pictured, but not included) Happy to take pics of anything up close. Looking for about $150 or best offer, would strongly prefer not to ship. Will even throw in the vintage Army Transport case!
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