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  1. I've been looking at it like this: Would I pay 2/3 CP to play a stratagem that gave me the buffs I'd get from a different sub-faction/factio,n plus the buffs I get from the additional HQ slots for the entire game? The answer is frequently: Oh [big bad swear word] yes.
  2. You can do the made-to-order box via your FLGS.
  3. Yes the points updates for Forge World will be in that point-update-book-thingy.
  4. This is intended to be a resource for changes in 9th that can be easily referenced. Most of these are YouTube just because it's been things I can listen to while working. Full Rules Leak - Google Drive from Lyraeus Summaries from Other People 11 Changes to the Movement Phase - MiniWarGaming YouTube 6 Changes to the Shooting Phase - MiniWarGaming YouTube Top Rule Changes in 9th from Playtesters - Tabletop Titans YouTube Unit Coherency - Auspex Tactics YouTube PDFs for Secondary Objectives and Mission Reference - Microsoft Drive via Reddit Actions - Goonhammer Big Core Changes including Coherency, Engagement Range, Modifiers, the Command Phase - Goonhammer Movement including Turrets and Stay Stationary - Goonhammer Command Re-roll and its effect on 2d6 rolls - Goonhammer Psychic and Shooting changes including 'Look Out, Sir' - Goonhammer Combat, Charge, Engagement Range, Flying while Charging - Goonhammer Morale, Coherency, New Universal Strategems - Goonhammer Terrain - Goonhammer Faction Specific Imperial Guard - Tabletop Titans Harlequins - Tabletop Titans Craftworlds - Tabletop Titans AdMech - Tabletop Titans Custodes - Tabletop Titans Orks - Tabletop Titans Death Guard - Tabletop Titans Space Marines - Tabletop Titans Tau - Tabletop Titans Ideally discussion should be kept to the big 9th thread that already exists, but please suggest more resources! I will update this thread with suggestions, and additional links that I come across.
  5. I love this army. Love the models, love the rules, love the style. Hopefully she'll dig it. The amount of "extra cool bits" is crazy. You can really make some nice variation just with some simple part swaps, and all the power-armor kits work well together.
  6. So, just as a slightly different take on this: A Battle Sister Squad of 5 is 4 PL. A Retributor Squad is 6 PL. (For reference an Immolator tank is 5 PL, 110pts). Without any gun upgrades, the Retributor Squad is the exact same thing as the Battle Sister Squad; same exact stat line. If you put multi-melta on them, it's 138 pts, which is totally in line for that 6 PL. The only purpose of taking a Retributor Squad is to put multi-melta on them, because while you can put heavy bolters or heavy flamers, you really don't need a lot of help taking down hoards. So if I take a Retributor Squad and put melta on them, then I have to explain myself and the point cost differences to each opponent in order to not be a dick? Another example, an Exorcist is 8 PL, 170pts with the 70pt gun. The 40pt alternative is next to useless. The purpose of the Exorcist is the 70pt gun. Much like the Retributors, that gun is incorporated into the PL cost. But that's "the best gun" so I'm being a dick for taking it? The problem isn't always PL; but the problem frequently is Marines.
  7. Correct. I got that assortment to fully fill out that limited edition box, and then grabbed some extra 25s because of Arcos kind of "just in case".
  8. Update: Would cheaper help? These are really good bases, and I've ordered bases and other basing bits from the supplier several times as well. $20? These should go to a good home...
  9. I would be very careful about thinking "killing is less than half as important". I don't think the impact of Primary Objective scoring in your next command phase should be ignored. You may not gain any primary objective points for killing a unit, however you can prevent the scoring of primary points by killing a unit on an objective. In addition, there are not only Secondary Objectives that directly gain you points for killing, but several of the positional secondaries specify things like: no enemy units can be within 6" (for example). So you may not get casually get points for killing, but your opponent will be able to keep you from scoring if you can't clean them away from objectives. In addition, I think that the secondaries discourage just castling up in your deployment zone and shooting, because you'll note that many of the secondaries are scored at the end if your turn (as opposed to primaries). So in order to deny these secondaries, you'll need to be out in the field (and of course to score them yourself you'll need to leave your DZ).
  10. Looking at page 251 and number 4 on that list (and yes, it is still up to the TO for sure).
  11. And since rules are just "how you do the job" here's the jobs to be done... All primary objectives on the missions are hold 1/2/more, scored in your next command phase You choose 3 secondaries, you cannot choose more than one from each category, and each mission has a bespoke secondary that you can choose as one of those three... And the bespoke secondaries
  12. An unmodified 1 always fails, so a 1+ armor save would still require a roll of a 2. But if there was AP-1 on the weapon, it would still require a roll of a 2. Things that stood out on first read: Can't fall-back and Psychic Reinforcements can come in on the last turn even and not be destroyed You can charge over units, if you can fly, but you have to deal with terrain as usual Objective Markers are 40mm, and you measure to the closest part of the marker, not the center Command Reroll: only hit, wound, save, advance, charge, psychic, deny the witch, number of attacks Insane Bravery is once per BATTLE You have to declare your "additional warlord trait", psychic powers, etc on your list, you can't tool-box a different relic or psychic power (unfortunate)
  13. Well sure, I wasn't saying they flat-out don't exist. I'm saying it's not an instant "larger squads are bad, and nobody can run them anymore" because that seems to be what is being argued. Like, when I said, "It's a mental tax for the benefits of getting the most out of CP," I meant exactly that. It's a mental tax. Mental taxes are a thing...that's why I said it's a tax for the benefit. Similar to the blast weapon change, I said reducing variance is strong, but it's not giving a new ability. There are now just additional tradeoffs. There were already many reasons to run MSU. It's likely that a good amount of units will still want to be MSU, but units still have jobs to do. Units have to survive an entire opponent's turn to score objectives now, if the units aren't tough enough to survive by quality, then they need quantity. The same for character screening; you need 3 models. A squad of 5 taking 3 mortals from a Smite is now no longer a screen for the character. Packing multiple MSU squads around a character you need to protect now reduces the number of units you have who can reach other areas of the table. There's tradeoffs, and there's jobs to do, and there's ways to mitigate the downside of large squads who have jobs to do (like, grab some apocalypse movement trays even), but this is not, "GW doesn't want anything but MSU." It does force tough choices both at list building time and during play.
  14. I dunno, the same reasons for taking large units are still the same reasons. I'm still going to take units of 9 Repentia, why wouldn't I? I want to drop miracle dice on a charge, which is an investment into one squad only; I want to use Tear Them Down for +1 to wound and/or other strats, which is an investment into one squad only; I'm taking support characters to buff them, which means I need to protect those characters until the Repentia do their job and die horribly are redeemed in the eyes of the Emperor. Likewise there's going to be other things like Green Tide, or the daemons strat that brings a unit back (whatever that is). The whole unit coherency thing isn't a reason to run MSU, it's just a mental-tax for the benefits of getting the most out of your CP. The blast weapon thing isn't a reason to run MSU, it's the same as if your opponent rolls hot on their 3d3 hits, or d6 hits, etc (but it does reduce variance, which is strong). Hell, larger squads are now more resistant to leadership effects, because let's say you have a squad of 5, 2 get killed, you fail leadership now you have 2 remaining, the remaining 2 flee on a roll of 1 or 2. That is incredibly powerful vs elite units, but a blob of 20 Tzaangor? Eh, if they fail a morale check, about 1/6 remaining will flee, as opposed to the previous potential of: lots. And no...the smaller table size is also not a reason, because all the missions are laid out using the center of the board as a reference point, so you could play on a 6'x12' table floor, and the deployment zones from the center of the board would still be the same distance apart...and the objectives would still be the same distance from the center of the board.
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