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  1. This addresses the power of re-rolls, but not the other issues with re-rolls (like it just takes longer to play the game), and it does so at the expense of making the game more complicated. It's a badly implemented, but well-intentioned, change.
  2. Working on the Battle Sanctum. Painted more infantry too, but they look like my other infantry (hooray for consistency?).
  3. Given the accidental times I've painted a really good blend, or eyes, the first time and thought that I may have gotten possessed by a warp entity, I'm inclined to agree.
  4. I've been looking at it like this: Would I pay 2/3 CP to play a stratagem that gave me the buffs I'd get from a different sub-faction/factio,n plus the buffs I get from the additional HQ slots for the entire game? The answer is frequently: Oh [big bad swear word] yes.
  5. You can do the made-to-order box via your FLGS.
  6. Yes the points updates for Forge World will be in that point-update-book-thingy.
  7. This is intended to be a resource for changes in 9th that can be easily referenced. Most of these are YouTube just because it's been things I can listen to while working. Full Rules Leak - Google Drive from Lyraeus Summaries from Other People 11 Changes to the Movement Phase - MiniWarGaming YouTube 6 Changes to the Shooting Phase - MiniWarGaming YouTube Top Rule Changes in 9th from Playtesters - Tabletop Titans YouTube Unit Coherency - Auspex Tactics YouTube PDFs for Secondary Objectives and Mission Reference - Microsoft Drive via Reddit Actions -
  8. I love this army. Love the models, love the rules, love the style. Hopefully she'll dig it. The amount of "extra cool bits" is crazy. You can really make some nice variation just with some simple part swaps, and all the power-armor kits work well together.
  9. So, just as a slightly different take on this: A Battle Sister Squad of 5 is 4 PL. A Retributor Squad is 6 PL. (For reference an Immolator tank is 5 PL, 110pts). Without any gun upgrades, the Retributor Squad is the exact same thing as the Battle Sister Squad; same exact stat line. If you put multi-melta on them, it's 138 pts, which is totally in line for that 6 PL. The only purpose of taking a Retributor Squad is to put multi-melta on them, because while you can put heavy bolters or heavy flamers, you really don't need a lot of help taking down hoards. So if I take a Retributor
  10. Correct. I got that assortment to fully fill out that limited edition box, and then grabbed some extra 25s because of Arcos kind of "just in case".
  11. Update: Would cheaper help? These are really good bases, and I've ordered bases and other basing bits from the supplier several times as well. $20? These should go to a good home...
  12. I would be very careful about thinking "killing is less than half as important". I don't think the impact of Primary Objective scoring in your next command phase should be ignored. You may not gain any primary objective points for killing a unit, however you can prevent the scoring of primary points by killing a unit on an objective. In addition, there are not only Secondary Objectives that directly gain you points for killing, but several of the positional secondaries specify things like: no enemy units can be within 6" (for example). So you may not get casually get points for killi
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