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Help: Brainstorming!

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Hello wondrous beacons of insight!😀

I am working on a dungeon and looking for items to place in a steam-punk setting trade house / office building.  I have a list of some items, but I thought I would throw the concept out for general comment. Whacky, mundane, whimsical, broken items, etc. are all appreciated. 

Thank you and bless you! 

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Pneumatic tube message delivery system, possibly powered by extremely low-powered air elementals;

A “stenography pool” that consists of a single six-armed clockwork “secretary” who operates three typewriters simultaneously;

The “warehouse” is just a big, heavy, floor-to-ceiling cabinet that looks something rather like a card catalogue... Each drawer contains a different Portable Hole. Delivery wagon comes in, a goblin grabs the appropriate Portable Hole out of the “warehouse,” unfolds it on the ground, a pair of burly hobgoblins unloads the wagon’s contents into the hole, the goblin folds it back up and returns it back to the “warehouse” cabinet; 

A room full of clerks, scribes, accountants, and other generic looking office workers... But their desk chairs move around on clockwork crab legs rather than wheels; 

Desk lamps are miniature Tesla coils, every couple of minutes one or two of them will discharge sending a small and harmless bolt of static electricity “lightning” in a random direction. The jaded office drones ignore it;

Adding machines that use individual slips of paper in a stack feed into the back, like a modern typewriter or ink-jet printer. Typewriters that use a spool of paper in a continuous loop, like a real world adding machine;

Little old lady who comes ‘round the office between 11:00 and 12:00 with a cart of tea, sandwiches, and small cakes is a Swamp Hag. No one in the office ever comments on this. The cakes are delicious;

Lastly, you gotta have an electric traveling arc thingy somewhere. It’s just a fundamental piece of equipment...


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