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Green Stuff Alternatives for mass production?


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I've got a terrain project which involves a lot of replication of details using Instant Mold molds. (like 50 per terrain piece... yes, I'm insane.)

However, the time waiting for green stuff to cure as well as cost has just hit me.

Any advice on what to use instead that would be cheaper/cure faster/etc?

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Yes, I've got the molding material like Blue Stuff, but I'm interested in the putty/plaster/2-part epoxy alternative to Green Stuff.

In the video you linked to, he talked about EpoPutty from Alteco which is originally for aquariums!

Time to check out PetSmart instead of Hobby Lobby...

Although I'm wanting a material which cures in minutes rather than hours so I can build what I want over a weekend rather than taking an entire week.

Plaster warms up when it cures, so wouldn't be good for the Blue Stuff (or equivalent) molds.

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Ah, I misunderstood, I thought you were looking for something for making the mold rather than the casting material.

The only times I’ve done casting it was with dental plaster and silicone molds for railroads (think Hirst Arts but cheaper). That stuff takes 48-72 hours to really cure.

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