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WarGame: Red Dragon + DLC Free from Epic until 03/11/2021

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How to overwhelm with information...

First, let's admit that there are loads of switches and things that can be manipulated in Wargame and you are probably not starting with "Let's build a custom force deck" as the first one when you begin thinking about how to play.  That said, the following examination of a custom force deck tells you *so* much about what is going on under the covers that I think it makes for a *wonderful* introduction to the details of play.

Note where the conversation talks about the rock/paper/scissors play of infantry, armor and air and how lightly armored vehicles (including armored helicopters) can be used.  Also note the places he discusses micro-management and where it can benefit units.  This should help you get a feel for things to look at in your own OoB (even default ones) to get a plan for your approach to a match.



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