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Rose City Raid Lite!


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There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations are in full swing, and we are soon going to be able to safely hold Infinity Tournaments again! To get things off to an easy start, Jon and I have been planning to run a smaller, lighter Rose City Raid for 2021. All of the fun, half the calories (and players)!

This year we are limiting attendance to a select handful of 24 players, and the event will be held outside on a private vineyard.

AUGUST 28-29


300 points ITS Season 12 rules, Red Classified deck, Spec Ops ITS Extra will be in use!

Mission Lineup:

  1. Mind Wipe

  2. Annihilation

  3. Highly Classified

  4. Frostbyte (modified for N4)

  5. Panic Room

Enhanced Special Terrain Rules: Models with the Terrain (X) skill gain an additional bonus when they are inside their corresponding terrain. The Terrain (Total) skill does not benefit from these bonuses, and all Terrain skills get the usual +1” movement as normal.

  • Aquatic - Stealth

  • Desert - Sixth Sense

  • Mountain - Climbing Plus

  • Jungle - Dodge (PH+3)

  • Zero-G - Super Jump

Tickets will go on sale to people who registered for 2020 on May 31st, the remaining tickets will go on sale

Finally, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required, no exceptions.

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What a great event. The settling was idyllic. The weather was perfect. The armies and tables looked amazing. The hosts were generous and the swag was a 10.  It was nice to sea: Nate, Jeff, Than, Adam, Jon, Erik, Pete, Tony Fern, James, Tony, Obidiah, and anybody else I am missing out on. It was a rare good afternoon outside my scheduled norm. 🙂

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