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Does This Kickstarter Look Interesting To Anyone Else?

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I checked this out a few days ago, but they're so vague about the game itself that I couldn't really justify more than a second look.  Tell me a bit about the actual game and how it plays and we might talk backing, but otherwise it seems like some all right models with possibly a lot of repetition within the troops for an all right price.


Holding my powder dry on Kickstarter for the Antenocitis Workshop launch.  Then, the dollars will flow.

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I like the setting and the few models they do have look solid. I really couldn't say anything until I see a solid game play video. That said I still need to play more of my Godslayer kickstarter stuff, have yet to play my Drake kickstarter, just started SAGA and should be getting both Relic Knights and Wrath of Kings stuff in the not too distant future. Also Infinity 3rd edition will be out soon. Maybe another game isn't the best idea. That said, it is me we are talking about.

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