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Xenos Rampant


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I have not tried any of the other of the "Rampant" games - but I did pre-order Xenos Rampant which I should receive in a week or so. Seems like a cool way to quickly play with my dusty 40k stuff.

anyone else know anything about this new option?



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I was always impressed with (but never got to play) <i>Lion Rampant</i> and <I>Dragon Rampant</i> which Daniel Mersey also wrote. Both a “rank-n-flank” medieval war games with <i>Lion</i> leaning towards history and <i>Dragon</i> leaning towards fantasy.   
I’m currently poking around trying to find an alternative system for WH40k. The <i>Grimdark Future</i>
 system from One Page Rules is pretty popular… But the old grognard in me feels like I should have a dead tree book to make it a “real” game.

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I would say that Grimdark Future is very much 'alternative 40k'.  I would peg Xeno Rampant as 'whatever sci-fi models you want, come on in!'.

I hope to get a test game in later this week with my AT43 Therians vs Gates of Antares Freeborn.

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