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All Sage Ordoians:


Has the "Make Way" rule been clarified as to wether or not you could move a character to another spot in close combat and displace another character? (and in so doing remove that character from combat).


I would interpret the rule as "no you could not" for a number of reasons.


Has this been established somewhere? And if not, how do y'all play it?

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No, the only way to move characters around, once combat has started is by performing a combat reform. However, you may not reform in such away to be out of base contact with any enemy characters you were originally in contact with. Also, you may not take models out of combat from the enemy unit. It's hard to explain without showing a visual.

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Well, there is one more way and that's if characters were hidden in the second rank due to characters/command being in the front.  If the champ/another character dies, a second rank character must immediately take its place.

That's not using the make rule though.  That follows a different rule which states that a character must always move to the front rank, if he is able.  The only army which may ignore this rule is Bretonnia.

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