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Empire Pegasus Bases

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So I had an opponent ask me in my final game why my Peg Knight, Empire not Bret, was not on a 50mm base? I got the 40mm base when I got the Bret Peg rider model and the Pegasus on GW's website says 40mm.


So is the Empire's Peg Knight supposed to be on a 50mm base? I just went with what I got and didn't hear about it being on a 50mm.


And just asking for my own knowledge so I can change it out if it is a 50mm, not to prove anyone wrong. It didn't make a difference in our game anyways. (I got hammered. :laugh:)

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Ya. Monstrous calvary is a bit odd, because they have quite a few different sizes now. From the 40mm to the newer WoC/TK size which tend to be 50×100mm I believe.


Confusingly, snake-surfers (ok necro knights) are on 50x100, while crushers and demigryphs are on 50x75.


Not helpful to the pegasus conversation, of course.

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Thanks everyone, that answers my question. I just wanted to make sure I didn't get it wrong and with most of the Mounstrous Beast mounts being 50mm wide I saw where he was coming from and felt I should follow up on it.


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