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Skaven Players - weapon teams?

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So. I stumbles into a bunch of skaven in the last 2 years, and after a few years of my tricksy elves, I'm ready for a bit of a change. One thing I'm curious about is the general opinions on the quartet of weapon teams available from the armories of the under empire. I must admit a certain fondness for the concept and model of the Doom-Flayer. Am I 'doomed' to their inevitable failure, as I seem to see from a cursory glance of popular opinion? What's your favorite? Can I win without a double HPA, or a Bell? Really digging he aesthetics of blocks of Stormvermin, and cheap chieftains.

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I used to play Skaven for nearly 3 years and weapon teams put more fear into opponents than an HPA.  Everyone knows what an HPA does.  However, when you have weapon teams getting a 4+ ward save next to their "parent" units and who can shoot into close combat...well, that's something to worry about.  All of them are great!  The flayers add combat support, mortars kill armour, and the rest of them give you great options to destroy ranks or chaff.  I also ran a unit of 30 Stormvermin with a BSB chieftain and was often accompanied by an assassin equipped with weeping blades.  The assassin was built for challenges.  Stormvermin are a great unit.  Point-for-point, I believe they are one of the best cost effective units.  You stick a character in there and you a LD 10 unit for a few turns.


If you wanted to just get some cheap magic for dealing with chaff and lone monsters then spamming level 1 engineers for lightning is awesome.

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