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EL: Brother G's Undead

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Wanted to toss out this idea and see what people thought of it. I have both the old black knight models and the new ones. The old ones have bare skeleton mounts with an armored rider on top. The new ones have barded steeds and armored riders. I was thinking of using the old black knights to represent TK skeleton horsemen. They get armor and use spears, and they ride unarmored mounts.


Basically, the new Black Knights are great models, and I still have these older ones lying around and am trying to find a way to use them in my new undead army (which is more VC flavored than TK).


Or would they be too confusing?

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Nice blog and thanks for a great game.  That was definately entertaining.  I figured I would have gotten at least one wound through with 5 S7 attacks and 12 S4 attacks; however, the sphinx proved to be more than I could handle.  It was extremely weird to see only the monsters holding down the battlefield at the end of the game.


Your catapult was money.  My bad on the template and units within scatter distance.  That was a specific FAQ for a specific event which I had tangled in my mass binder of FAQ's.


I would like to battle your army again though.  Like you stated in your blog, we were both preparring for team battles.  Oh well, it turned out to be a great game of killing!

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