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40K Armies for Sale


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I'm going to clear out a lot of 40K stuff and I don't want to waste time listing stuff out unless there's genuine interest is purchasing. I'd like to sell these armies as lots, so if you have the inclination and cash handy, ping me. All of these were created as allied contingents for 6th edition, so they started out with at least 2 Troops, 1 HQ, and usually an Elite, FA, HS that was the real jewel. They all grew beyond that, though, and are great starter or add-on blocks. 


I have:

Space Marines (mostly bare/primered, some NIB)

Imperial Guard (some painted, some NIB)

Chaos Space Marines (unpainted, many sprues)

Necrons (some paint, some primer, some sprues)

Orks (a metric ton of these, at least 2 armies' worth, including all but the newest 7e units)



EDIT: with a lot of people PM'ing interest, I'll post some lists here. I haven't double-checked all of this, so I guarantee them to be at least 90% accurate. :-)




1 Captain (metal)

2 Vets (metal)

2 Chaplains (1 JP, metal)

Techmarine, servo-harness (Ultra paint)



Tac - Pl, PC

Tac - Pl, PC

Tac - Fl, MM

Tac - Fl, ML

Tac - Fl, ML


Spec - Pl

Spec - Melta

4 Devs - PC, Las, HBx2

3 Marines in bitz: Fl, ML, PF+Ch


10 Scouts - ML

7 Scouts (converted to Servitors)


1 Drop Pod

4 Rhinos/Razorbacks



7 Assault Marines (no JP)

5 Assault Marines (JP, chaos conversions)

10 Assault Marines (unassembled)



18 Terminators

12 Terminator Assault (6 LC, 6 TH)

8 Terminator Sergeants

1 Terminator Apothecary

4 Terminator Heavies (2 AC, 2 HF)


Dreadnought, PF, Las (metal, blue)

Dreadnought, PF, Las (metal, green)


Land Speeder, Typhoon Missiles (Ultra paint)


Land Raider Crusader (Ultra paint)

Predator (Ultra paint)

2 Vindicators



(All Cadians)
5 Infantry Squads (1 w/GL & Vox already, but 8 man)
2 NIB Inf Squads
5 Flamers
2 GLs
3 Vox
2 bags of metal Command figs, including 2E Cadians)
3 HB teams
5 Lascannon teams
3 ML teams
Sprues of extra HW and SWs
1 Valkyrie (painted)
2 Leman Russ w/magnetic weapons (painted)
2 Leman Russ (sponson weapons broken, painted)
Psychic Cards
Terminator Lord (sprue)
Daemon Prince (black paint)
2 Helbrutes (sprue/assembled)
3 Terminators (sprue, 1 assembled)
1 Rhino (assembled)
1 Defiler (painted pink)
3 sets of Dark Vengeance Chosen and Lords (20 figs?)
30 or 40 Cultists (whatever 2 sets is)
10+ Possessed plus sprues
Maulerfiend (assembled, fully magnetized)
Heldrake (assembled)
1 Overlord (Finecast, painted white)
1 Lord (metal, painted white)
1 Lord (plastic)
1 Imohtek (Finecast, NIB)
17 Warriors (painted white)
16 Warriors (painted steel, plus legs for 1 more)
14 Warriors in bitz (plus lots of other bitz)
2 Night Scythes (primed black, missing teleporter dish on bottom)
6 Wraiths (primed black)
1 box (5) of Immortals/Deathmarks
10 Immortals/Deathmarks (only bodies assembled, bitz included)
10 Immortals w/TCs (bare plastic)
5 Triarch Praetorians (partially assembled)
3 Scarabs (bare plastic)
8 Scarabs (painted white)
8 Destroyers (painted white, some gun conversions)
1 Annihilation Barge (primed black, twin-linked TCs are unglued so it can be a command barge)
1 Monolith (painted white)
Bag of Bitz





Tons of stuff. Hundreds of Boyz, Nobz, Stormboyz, bikes, dreads, a Stompa, even some ForgeWorld. Most unpainted. Lots of sprues. 

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