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No mention of dragon wing?

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I saw it at Guardian Games earlier this week, tuesday I think. Just the starter but it comes with 3 dragons! And from looking at Min market they will have foot troops as well. (gnolls, trolls ect)


I always thought that the "path" system would work well for foot troops like ohh I don't know say AT AT's and such. Hoth battle via the path system could be a very interesting game. (and I know there is going to be another boardgame version for foot troops but it uses the descent system I believe)

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Was over at GG today with my oldest and I picked up the starter to this.Im still learning xwing when I can get a kid to stick with a game but my kids are more interested in the fantasy stuff so I may have an easier time getting them to play this one.


Just from looking it over its the usual Wizkids soft plastic meh minis,they could certainly use a real paint job!.The game itself does have some different features to it than Xwing with ground and flying/swooping mode,melee and ranged attacks,pivoting..plus I seen some ground based minis for it too,actually they were a group of them so perhaps some rank and file formation stuff.But the best feature for me is it plays well with 3-4 players so I don't have a kid sitting out.


Plus as with all the DnD minis they can be used with RP as well:)


Anyhow,another game into the mix:)

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