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Diablo 3 for PS4


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I picked up Ultimate Evil edition for PS3 a couple weeks back.  I have a level 68 crusader doing my first play through.  I'm just about done with Act 5.  I'm playing Torment I for difficulty currently, and I feel it's too easy.  I'm not sure what would make it more challenging, but I don't feel increasing the health/resistance of the monsters is the way.  I'm hoping to see smarter AI in future play throughs on higher difficulties.  

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Not your fault at all man.

That's such a dumb decision, why would Blizzard do that? *confused*

The whole game has lots of dumb blizzard descisions. You can't play D3 offline with the PC version, but the PS4 version can. The PS4 version can also play with multiple players on the same console, while the PC version can't do this either.

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