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Inaugural Address


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Good (whatever time of the day you read this) Hamsters:


First and Foremost, I want to take a moment to thank good ol' Kevin Sekac. A lot of stress and pressure was put on him as a non-profit, volunteer president. Through the ups and downs of the Warhamsters he did his best and his best was awesome. With a group as wonderfully spoiled as we are we can tend to get a little whiney, which is ok because I know I have. Thanks again Kevin. My goal is not to re-invent the wheel but, to enhance it.


With that said, I have no intentions of sitting back on my haunches and watching the best gaming group on this side of the Mississippi carry on without a least aiming  to enhance our club. Vice Versa, I have no plan to rip apart what Jim, Corey or Kevin have built. I, like much of us have had wild dreams and aspirations of the directions this group could take. Now is the time make those visions to become reality but not at the sake of risking what everyone has built thus far, And never at the sake of risking the good of the group. So as my first official day as president I like to present and stand by what I believe to be the single most important ideal of our gaming group, not to mention human nature.




I understand that there are those of in the group don't want a government overseeing, I understand that there are those of us that simply want to play games without meeting every week to discuss what is going on. I understand that there are those that may like me. I understand that and I respect that. There are, however those of us that do wish to expand in an attempt to increase tournament attendance. There are those of us that desire to organize and put on x-wing tournaments, infinity events, modeling workshops etc, etc. Not only to put on these events but turn it into an exciting effective means of gaming. It is because of this divide currently in the group that I will be behind the scenes targeting new markets and avenues of approach for our gaming community.


As awesome of a super human being and massively talented I am, I have yet to unlock my telepathic potential (no worries one day I will get there) and as such I can't read the minds of the gamers. Please, I need you guys to communicate any and everything and I will do everything in my power to help each one of you out. If I am told something I will seriously consider it and put all my efforts towards it.


Not only this, I fully intend to keep the gaming group entirely in the loop regarding happenings that will be taking effect. Whether this is through means of Hamster Meeting announcements or through a Monthly post updating that Months events and Potential future ones.


I also understand that we are brimming with assets within a group of gamers that possess unique skills for certain situations. Don't be surprised when I start contacting you. We also have Joey at the helm of the new VP position, I truly believe that he is going to do awesome. So will his beard. And together with our powers combined, the world is all of our aphrodisiac ridden oysters. I just hope he doesn't try to kill me. Or....yeah....


To sum this all up,  thank you all for this opportunity and I know I joke quite a bit but this is something I take very seriously. Going to be a great year. Take care Hamsters.


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