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what IA stuff is legal?


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Okay, I'm trying to put together an ork armored company type list, lots of fun. now, in IA 8, there's a bunch of ork stuff like gun trukks and the like, that say they can be taken as part of an ork list as this or that force org slot. Now, the question is, there are updated versions in the dreadmob faq on the FW website, since i have an updated version, can i take them as part of the ork list? can i take gun trukks and heavy tracks and big tracks and supa-kannons and stuff? Fluger? Do you know? anyone else?

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Check IA Aeronautica for some things though, I know Flakk Trukks are updated...


Just keep in mind the Dreadmob list is only for a dreadmob army.  If you want, say, a Big Trakk use the IA8 Bigtrakk entry.  The individual entries in IA8 will tell you what the requirements for using them in a Codex:Orks army; ie Grot Tanks require a Big Mek to be taken in the army and count as elites, etc.

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Link above is the ITC/Adepticon list of available FW units and their most up-to-date rules reference.  So will tell you if IA8 is most recent or if it's somewhere else (like IA Apoc 2013).


If playing in events you'll want to see the FW FAQ used by ITC/Adepticon  




Lots of stuff related to Ork FW stuff.

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Another one in that LVO tourney.






Detachments may be produced from a maximum of one Codex / Codex Supplement. Only 7th edition updated Forge World army lists are allowed which at present is only the Renegades and Heretics list in IA13.


So any event using the LVO rules will also be banning your siege vanguard and such FW lists.

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