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Wanted: Assembling a Revenant Titan


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I usually do all my own hobby stuff, and thought I would be excited to put together a Revenant Titan I bought. Turns out, I'd like it put together, but don't want to do it myself. Anyone interested in putting one together? You'd be responsible for the cleaning and assembly. I'd expect well-pinned joints and would prefer magnetized weapons (I have both pulsars and sonic lances). I don't care about the inside of the cockpit. Having parts of it able to come apart for ease of transport would be cool.


Any one up for it? If so, let me know and we can talk about specifics and payment. I can pay cash, or I can trade casting services.

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I love building and have some titan sized magnets to use up. Lots on my hobby plate if you are still looking to have it built after I finish my next three dreamforge leviathans (makes six in my collection) I'd do it. I'll clean mold lines but not mold release so give it a good scrub, iffin you want me to do it after da mommas boyz brawl.

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