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Skaven for the BRAWL!

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This is a list I came up with for the Black Sheep Brawl. I wanted to do something in the 12-15 range in this tournament that had a chance of competing.


I feel like Skaven are a shadow of their former self in the tournament scene and when comped against the swedish system. Its just too hard on them anymore considering how much the other armies have come up in their hard back transition. (dwarfs, all elves)  With the current meta, all the attacks/re rolls anymore, [big bad swear word]ing flaming cannons EVERYWHERE, I am playing the range game. I will attempt to wreck my enemies force before they even get a chance to pick their dice up and "try again". 


This list certainly has its weaknesses, but if some of my shooting doesnt kill itself, I can put myself in good position by turn 3 to grind out a much smaller army.  Gotta get my 2 warlords into combat late in the game to mop up, I will plan on keeping them in the same unit to maximize killyness in the center. Bonebreaker will be able to charge out if needed, he isnt my general, so I see him as expendable to a point.  


Please let me know what you guys think.



Warlord *general

Armor of destiny, poisoned attacks, GW  -7



Bonebreaker, ogre blade, TOP, charmed shield  -9



Obsidian Amulet

Ironcurse icon        -12


Warlock LV2

Dispel scroll, ruby ring, Pistol     -15


Warlock LV2

Doom rocket, WEC, Pistol    -26



Brass orb, Pistol         -13


30 Clanrats FC WFT  -6

30 Clanrats FC RG -5

30 Clanrats FC RG -5

40 Slaves  Mus, Champ   -7

40 Slaves Mus, Champ    -7

8 Giant rat pack  7/1      -2


7 Gutter runners, Slings, Poison.     -10

7 Globadiers Champ                         -1

10 Jezzails, Champ                   -5


Warp lightning cannon    -20

Doomwheel           -16




Swedish Comp:  13.4



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im seconding the jezzails.  -5 for those guys is a steal. played against it with my 10.9 dwarf list today(one im bringing to the brawl).  it stacks up great against my army if your toys dont explode in your own face like they did today.  bloody draw!  sure it has a few bad matchups but overall i think you'll be very pleased with that list.  especially for the objectives(just looked at them) as well.  

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