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400pt Adepticon RAT patrol list


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I'm headed to Adepticon for the first time this year for 40k and Firestorm Armada.


I'm playing this funny team tournament on Friday night.



Warhammer 40K Combat RAT Patrol is based on the well-received The Lost in the Warp Individual 'Team' Tournament format. Each player should bring a 400-point army chosen from a limited Force Organization Chart similar to those used by the Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol. Each player will be paired with a different teammate each round. Games last about 1 hour.


Let me sum up the rules basically:

  • Force org: 1-2 troops, 0-1 of any other (HQ, fast attack, heavy, etc)
  • Max AV 12 on any vehicle
  • Max wounds/HP 3 on any model


My IG list will likely be as follows:

  • Vet squad with Carapace and 3x plasma in Chimera
  • Primaris Psyker riding with them (Prescience + plasma = fun times)
  • Griffon Mortar
  • 6ish Rough riders one of whom as a flamethrower (cuz awesome)

Any thoughts?  Has anyone done this event before or plans to do this year?

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I think so, there are objectives on the table to be scored it's not just kill points.  I might be better off with a Vendetta in this case, but like the idea of shootin' from the hatch!  I guess no one else is doing this format, but it seems really fun.  I'll report back here after the 'Con.

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This was a fun (not serious) event for anyone who makes it to Adepticon next year.  It's cool to have a new partner each round and all my teammates were nice.  4 rounds was a tad tedious, but I enjoyed myself.   Playing 2x wave serpents with DA inside was never scoffed and it was a good choice of list.   The only downside is I had no characters so I had to rely on my partner for being the warlord.  Often it was simply a SM sarge or something equally 'unwarlord-ly'.  I made some new friends and had a good time.

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