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IronWolves for OFCC


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Been kicking this around for a while, trying a bunch of different approaches, and I think I've finally got one that fits in most of what I wanted. Might still tweak it a little, but I think this is gonna be the basic shape of it. I wanted to squeeze in my other Predator, a StormWolf, and one more GH Pack, but the Points just weren't there.


CotGW Detachment is essentially there because I think the Relics are cooler and more fitting: according to Companies of Fenris, Egil Ironwolf favours twin Wolf Claws, and FrostFury, while probably too expensive, is one of the few shooting Relics that doesn't just straight up suck. Also, unlike the Relics of the Fang, you can take multiples on a single Character. I tried doing pure CotGW at first, but couldn't get comfortable with how small the Army ended up being, so I added in a CAD for room for more GH Packs. The WGBL in the CAD is Kvedulf Ironhand, a "special character" of my own invention. No special Rules, but I've written some background for him, and am working on building models of him at every stage in his career, from Fenrisian Tribesman to Venerable Dreadnaught. Working him in was another big goal of mine, and in some incarnations of the list, he was actually the Wolf Lord, having succeeded after The Ironwolf's death.


It's weak again Flyers and FMCs, but like last year, I'll just trust to the matchup system and trying to dominate the ground game if I do end up against Flyers.


215/215  -  Wolf Lord, Armour of Asvald Stormwrack, Morkai's Claws, Fellclaw's Teeth
105/320  -  WGBL, TDA, FrostFury

129/449  -  3WG Terminators, 1xTH/SS, 1xSS/SB, 1xCF/SB
270/719  -  Dedicated LRCw/ Extra Armour, MM
055/774  -  Iron Priest

115/889  -  WGBL, TDA, SS, Black Death

250/1139  -  10 GH, extra CCW, 2xPlasmagun, WG w/Combi-Plasma, MB, Rhino
190/1329  -  5 GH, CCW, Meltagun, WG w/Combi-Melta, MB, Assback
190/1519  -  5 GH, CCW, Meltagun, WG w/Combi-Melta, MB, Assback
170/1689  -  5 GH, CCW, Plasmagun, Plasmaback

115/1804  -  AutoLas Predator
065/1869  -  Whirlwind
130/1999  -  Vindicator, Siege Shield

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I'd prefer to avoid having to pack the StormWolf on top of the 8 Vehicles I'm already bringing, since it's kind of a hard one to find space for, but if that ends up being what works out best, I'll figure out a way to make it work. Might be able to do it with my big hand case for the Vehicles and the Infantry in my Chessex cases in my backpack, rather than the other way around like I usually do.

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@Pretre: Yeah, that would solve that problem perfectly. Like you say, tho, we'll wait until we see what we've actually got to work with.


Re: rating: Now I come to think of it, after 8 of these, I've probably got the power level dialed in pretty well ;)


Could someone please double-check my math, tho? After all the tries where I couldn't quite fit everything in, I'm paranoid that on the one I did, it's because I forgot to carry a 1, and this is actually a 2100 Point List.

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