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Bellingham Warhamsters Tuesday 3/10


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Looks like we've got a little meeting going on this week, at 6:30.  Who's gaming what besides that?


I'll be bringing down a copy of Argent: The Consortium (I didn't realizing it was scoring this high!), and looking for a few more players.  It's a worker-placement with a lot of secret agendas and backstabbing, playing wizards of different schools at a university vying to sway the votes of a hidden council.  Takes about half an hour per player, and plays up to five (there's a 6th player expansion, but I'm not sure about it yet).


Any takers?

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Sounds good to me! The following week, however, I really have to start playing my Fantasy army for OFCC. I'm building a new Nurgle list, painting lots of new models for it, and getting set to sculpt and cast some custom pieces for it. As such, I should probably get it on the table at least once or twice!


FWIW, must new games that are decent start off pretty high on the geek. Part of it is the "shiny new!" effect. The real test on the geek is what type of rating you're pushing once you break the 5000 ratings mark. 140 ratings isn't telling yet. Not that it won't get there, of course! Looking forward to trying it.

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