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Battlefront State of the Union


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Battlefront "State of the Union"

These are the highlights, but if you want the full story (with photos), then go to the web page, link avbove.

WWI, LW: Nachtjaeger
- new book
- a British Rifle Company,
- British Comet Platoon,
- British Cromwell Platoon,
- and a German Panther G/Jagdpanther Platoon box.

End of March:
- Updated version of Open Fire!

- Mekong Delta with the new Brown Water Navy book

End of April
- Colours of War, our brand new painting system

- Berlin, newest Late-war book
- Unique equipment: German Kleinpanzer Wanze and Waffentrager
- Soviet IS-2 with Bedspring Armour
- Soviet 203mm obr 1931 gun and its building destroyer rule

WWI, The Great War
- book to cover the German Infanteriekompanie and Stosskompanie

Cold War Gone Hot
- book- Fulda Gap
- models: M1-Abrams, A10-Thunderbolts, T-72s and BMP-mounted infantry
- later, main vehicles of every nation
- October is just the start and 2016 will have more books and additional miniatures.

WWII Pacific
- first of two Pacific books, one for the US and one for the Japanese.

- flow of new terrain coming.

New Buildings:
...new project that coincides with the release of the Berlin book. Big city buildings...we have been engineering some very clever plastics that will allow for you to take your Flames Of War table to a whole new scale as buildings get taller, longer and deeper as well as battle damaged if you want. The modular system will bring city fighting to life like never before, and no two tables need ever look the same.

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Somebody was saying how it was going to

Be like infantry aces. I really don't thinkit will be at all, but I would want a book for each era. Not just one, as some are saying .

Good point about the tank cost, didn't think that far ahead :)

I think I need a box of Japanese troops!

I'm guessing they didn't change very much.

I think we'll see ambush teams. Jumping out of

Spider holes .

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that is the great thing about the Japan troops is they are pretty much the same through t the war.  the big changes will be in the organization and support options.  I would expect in the early and mid war they could have some very interesting air and naval gunfire options to use as well as some interesting defensive list.

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