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Hey guys, I spent a little time with Nathaniel this weekend cleaning out the back room. It became apparent that a number of people have been using it to store stuff and Nathaniel was getting pretty annoyed. If you have anything back there please come in and pick it up as soon as possible or its going to be thrown out. Likewise if you have donated terrain to the shop and noticed that it never gets used please take it back. We were going through some of the terrain and I tried to get him to wait on chucking some stuff. Space it pretty sparse in the shop and I think its important to remember that its his shop and not our clubhouse. Thanks for understanding guys. Also if someone has a way in contacting the warmachine/hoards players, please tell them to grab their bin of game markers and binders from the back. 

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Jim- Its up to you on the sewer terrain. I noticed its been pretty beat up so it might be good to save it. By desert buttes do you mean the red rock hills? if so, Nathaniel likes those and wants to keep em. 


Kogre- thanks, there is also a plastic box and some wire that is theirs. 


Nathan- did you donate those stairs to the store or do you want to take them. Also I dont think ill ever get around to building and painting those little half circle metal buildings. 

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Hello there,


I'll stop by this week and pick up the Realm of Battle board that isn't on any of the tables... I think 3 are on the tables, 1 isn't.  If folks want me to move more of the boards away please lemme know... don't wanna force feed you boards.


Stay safe,



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