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OFCC Fantasy Teams Paid List

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Good evening everyone,


We are now opening up the Fantasy Team event to everyone.  

Please make sure you buy your tickets so that if we need to expand we have the ability to properly forecast.

Should another event such as the 40k Team or 40k Open sell out their original capacity then those events may and will eat up space set aside for Fantasy expansion.

Please work with your teams Captains. 


Fully Paid Teams: 11 total


Abusement Park

Captain: Wyatt Jensen


Bellingham Warhamsters

Captain: Aaron Miller (Sherbert)



Captain: Moses Jones (mojoslayer)


Chop Omega

Captain: Clark Hartnett (decker_cky)


Da Momma's Boyz: Nut Punch

Captain: Dave Tryon (thatdave)


Droppin' Deuces

Captain: Dave Jellum (djellum)


Ordo Alfalfa

Captain: Brad Fleegle (Peanut)


Shop of Chop

Captain: Nathan Heldt-Sheller (NtK)


Team Rampage

Captain: Eric Weber (Raindog)


W4rh4mm3r 1s rU1neD!!1!1!!

Captain: Brehk Kieft (bkieft)


The Warhooligans

Captain: Nate Roberts (don't panic)


Partially Paid Teams:

Calamitous Detonation - 3

Capitol City Corpses - 3

Team Last Minute - 3



Updated 7/14


If you need to know who on your team has or has not paid please PM me and I will provide you with the list.



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Calamatous Detonation should have 3 paid (Matt Beasley, Ogre Seth, and myself). Garret will be paying soon

I see a payment for Matt Beasley for the WFB Open, not for the WFB teams event. Please have him send me a PM to verify that he intends to play in the WFB teams event. 

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Attention to all! OFCC weekend is now just 3 weeks away. If you are on a team, painting your army, submitted an army list, etc., basically in all ways planning to attend the OFCC and have not yet purchased a ticket, please do so as soon as possible. If you need to make arrangements to pay on the day of the event, please contact me about doing so. 


Thanks and see you at OFCC!  :biggrin:

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