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FS: GW Realm of Battle Boards


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I recently realized that I have way too many of the Games Workshop Realm of Battle Boards.  I have two of the basic set boards with connectors and bags that I am looking to sell.  One is flocked and painted in greens/browns and the other is untouched grey plastic.  They retail from GW at $290.00 each.  I am looking at $175 for the painted one and $200 for the unpainted one.  I would prefer to keep this local and not deal with shipping.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Thanks, GG

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Nope, you wanted me to respond on this thread.


You summoned me.


You said my name three times while looking in the mirror didn't you?




Buy his Realm of Battle Board - it's more fun than a bag of hammers.

I would… if I got a reply :) … its a great price … but alas, no response so far.



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