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Blood Angels VS White Scars Battle Report on Bols


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I just watched about twenty minutes of the hour long video and I had to turn it off cause it was just pissing me off as to how many rules the two guys were getting wrong. Shooting all four missles from a storm raven and all the other weapons also in one turn, using chapter tactics incorrectly, incorrect placement of units(not sure but can you put a unit on top of a bastion and a different one inside at the same time?). Does anyone know if these guys have made other Battle Reports and if so were they also horribly incorrect on rules also?

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I am pretty sure that in the flier section it states u can only shoot two missiles a turn. Pretty sure u cant use the ultra marine chapter tactics because the are allies, not the main force.

2 missiles per turn is gone. That was 6th.


Allied C:SM retain their chapter tactics as per that codex. The chapter tactics themselves are resolved only for the ultramarines detachment, and don't apply to UM vehicles.



Just talking about fliers generally.

4 weapons combat or cruising at full BS. Implied ability to snap other weapons, but not directly stated in the flyer section.


In 7th, flyer can enter combat in hover mode (via flyer reserves). If hover mode, it may move at combat speed and fire all weapons, 2 weapons at cruising speed.


That said, their SR didn't follow RAW. As far as I can tell, they misread PotMS to allow the flyer to arrive and fire 5 weapons at the intiatial target, then snap the 6th at a secondary target. PotMS requires the extra weapon to be the one to split, but if they misread that bit to use PotMS to allow a 5th and allow a split weapon, it makes sense, though remains wrong.


EDIT: SR does have hover.

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The Battlements and inside of a Building are separate areas, and can have two different Units in them, so that part's legit. No idea about anything else, I can never pay attention to video batreps.

Super confusing. Watched it several times to understand it for this thread. 


Player explains that models on top of the bastion are embarked inside it.


Bastion is a medium building, so holds 20 models. Tiggy is 1 model due to being in PA. Centurions have very bulky so count as 9 models. 10 spaces used. Mephiston is an IC in the current BA codex, so he joins and counts as his normal less than 11 models.


On turn 1, player detaches mephiston from the centurionstar, disembarks and assaults with him independantly. Buildings can be assaulted out of in 7th.


Video does a horrible job explaining this.

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I just kept thinking how perfectly the two lists countered each other. Neither side really had an edge over the other. Definitely a battle of attrition. They were sort of the same list twice. They weren't, but it seemed like the same list creation mentality in both.

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Off topic, I really liked that "radiation quarantine" terrain piece in the video. Basically just a square base with fences on 4 sides and a radiation symbol, then all that surrounding objects covered in yellow tarps. Extremely easy terrain.

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And a bunch of the replies are confused over whether they knew the rules or not. My point exactly. :)

Although I disagree with your stance of a total absence of players following the rules, I do agree that many don't follow the rules very well.


Personally, I draw a line between deliberately not using rules and not understanding rules. I think that if I saw the two as the same thing, we would agree on your point of view.

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It looks like they were having vehicles use Chapter Tactics. As far as I know, only the Iron Hands have a Chapter Tactic that effects vehicles. I don't think the special rule entries for vehicles in the Space Marine codex include Chapter Tactics.

Where in the video did this happen? I initially though this, but in re-watching, they didn't seem to.

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