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Finding Ogre Sized Unit of Gorillas


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I am trying to make a unit of gorillas for an army. The best I have found so far are the Dust Axis Gorillas but I am unsure if they are Warhammer Fantasy sized  around the size of an ogre. They seem a little small and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make a unit of 3 or more. I would prefer them to have fantasy style heavy armor but no armor is ok as well. Thoughts?

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Burk, after you posted the idea I stared at the posting for a bit. A while back my buddy traded me all his BB stuff for some fantasy and I put it in a box. It just so happens I own this team NOS from Impact. Sadly, the models are perfect for BB but they are more man sized to fit on the board. On a positive note I will be selling/trading this team and the desert dog team if anyone is interested so I can get big apes lol.

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