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Project: Ryza Skitarii

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So the Skitarii bug bit me pretty hard and I shelved my Orks for a little while  :unsure:  I will get back to them in the future after this smallish project. 


I'm going to Nottingham for a Throne of Skulls tourny in July and thought i cant take my orks cause they is almost no GW models in that army and they probably wouldn't appreciate it like I do.  


So Skitarii came out and I think they look super cool. I have also been messing around with the IG steel legion formation. Combining these two great things is my plan! and here is the first model!





The list is going to be a Skitarii Manpile and a Steel Legion formation.

I already have the leman russes almost finished the formation will include: 3 executioners, a punisher and a vanquisher with a hydra.

the manpile detachment includes: 2 vanguard squads, a ranger squad, 2 dragoons, 3 onegars and a bunker.


The fun part is the the Skitarii will be painted in Ryza colors and 2 of the executioners have ryza pattern turrets and Orange might make my skitarii stand out in a sea of red :)



Ill post more clearer pictures when things get done...I hope the above is good to get an idea of what im going for

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Project: Skitarii falcon...moves on to stage two...DPing my way to the top.



here are my nine new droppods ready for paint...that little guy to the left is my Skitarii Culexus Assassin :)...people love invisibility over here.


Heres some Forgeworld/cult mech goodies I'm working on...I'm going to use the FW tech priest as a Dominus and the engineerseer as a Datasmith



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