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TRADE- Blood Angels for WFB


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I have two 40k Armies that sit unused in my closet. Since getting into painting miniatures I've always been partial to WFB models, but some how ended up with 40k.


Either way- With the coming of AoS I'm more intrigued than ever- and figure some of you WFB players might want to try 40k out.


I'm listing up my BA now to trade. I'm looking for Undead (I already have Nagash), or Ogres, or Goblins, or skaven, chaos... Empire... Basically just not elves...


Here is what about what I have. If I get interest in this stuff, I'll actually pull it out and do a better inventory of it and get some pics up.


Blood Angels-




An Old Metal Lemartes

Captain Karalaen

Sanguiary Priest



Around 30 bolter tacticals

A good number of marines with special weapons

2-4 flamers

2 meltas

at least 1 grav gun

3-4 lascannons

3-4 rocket launchas

1 heavy flamer

a couple heavy bolters

a couple multi-meltas


Around 15 Terminators

Mostly Power Fist Storm Bolter guys, but I have a Heavy Flamer, backpack rocket thingy, an Auto Cannon in there, Couple of Chain fists too...




Baal Pred with giant flamer

2 Storm Ravens

2 Pods (built to actually open)


Around 30 Death Company with tons of different weapons and jump packs


2 5 man sniper scout squads with cloaks


about 10 assault marines


2 regular Dreds, 1 has a fist and lascannon the other I think as a Melta... Either way have have bits...

2 Furiosa Dreds, 1 as a Death Company with claws and anger, the other as a Libby with Libby stuff...




I think that's about it. It's all got paint on it. It's table top but not good looking. It was my first army and I rushed the paint/ didn't know what I was doing...

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cool! im actually a primary whfb player but was thinking of doing a swap sort of thing for 40k seeing as i just dont think im that interested in AoS.  I think ill hang on to my dwarfs, but i have a very large beastmen collection with a mix of warriors of chaos.  honestly i have no idea about anything 40k lol.  but yea pm me if interested and maybe we can work something out that would be beneficial for both of us!  (im also a nathan.. seems to be alot of us on these forums HA)

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