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Civilian vehicles for heroic scale


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Hi folks,


I love adding to my terrain collection for fantasy and grim sci-fi. I wanted to share with you a few finds.


O scale train stuff and 1:48 scale model kits are usually very close to heroic scale (32mm?) models. When you paint them in the same style as everything else they blend right in. You can often get buildings or vehicle hulls to use as starting points for much cheaper than an official model. It won't match exactly to what your friends have... but that's the beauty of it, you get something originalish in the wargaming world and after modifications it is truly unique. A rhino is supposed to fit 10 marines so a 2-6 passenger vehicle could be a lot smaller, and the scale doesn't need to be exact. After all in the far future there will be all kinds of variants and you can justify almost any style showing up.


There are some toy cars that match the scale very closely, such as Tootsietoy from the 70s and 80s. Once in a while you can find a match at a thrift store, often for very cheap. Now you can slap radar dishes and gubbins on if you want, but some of them seem fine as is for a utilitarian civilian vehicle.


Wouldn't it be cool if your troops were taking cover behind the hood of a car? I like immersion in gaming and I think vehicles would add to the "lived in" feel of a battlefield.

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You mean like AV6 vehicles? Hotwheels might work for 40k. A bit small, but civilians wouldn't be the muscle bound space marines or guardsmen, they'd be a bit thiner. Especially rogue trader era civilians....

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Nah, Hotwheels and Matchbox are way too small, at 1:64 scale. 1:36 and 1:48 are usually good matches. Trust me, my house is getting overrun by Hotwheels.


AV6 seems too low, lasguns glancing on a 3 and all. I'd say AV 8 or 9 for most, although it's kinda moot since they would most likely be terrain. That would be funny to let characters or small squads try to hotwire them and ride around.

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