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First Major AoS event held.

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As may or may not know Clash of Swords 2015 is a large event held in UK. they have held thier first AoS event and was a sussess. It had some what of 60 players taking part. Review of  the event can be found here.





To go along with that  news in the states the first major event to adopt AoS will be the Nova Open.





rules and comp. system here





Seems like AoS can be made competitive, and  WILL be being add to some major events.


I for one am happy about this.

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I like the Nova comp system:)


I see they have pretty much used the "unofficial" competitive rules but dropped the Warscroll restrictions that it had,not that they were that much of a tax anyway.Also going to base to base for competitive events is probably a time saving thing and would likely keep the "fiddly movement" in combat issues to a minimum.


I can envision AoS tournaments having a 3-4 round competitive session with an added in 1-2 round team or 1v1 scenario event also adding into overall score.Reason being is AoS is so easy to make up lists on the spot and even fluff scenarios using the many special rules along with the terrain rules, can be provide a good balancing factor to otherwise mismatched armies.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Comp seems simple and effective I like it. The psuedo Look out sir I'm not a fan of. I don't think our crazy warlord heroes should be able to protect themselves in that way.


I didn't see a limit of what war scrolls theme you can bring. For example an ally or other limit.

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Playing with just the BRB and no use of sudden death,its not unusual to see it end up just being a big mosh pit especially when one side castles up like the Dwarf player did in this case.


Actually the Dwarf player kinda screwed himself from the get go in this one.At the start he wasn't aware that his artillery would be effected by the Mystical mountain he chose to castle up on, so yeah pretty much at least one unit from his army every turn was going to be standing around with their thumbs up their butt`s.Sure he would get reroll on wounds for the others but that's a pretty situational trade off.He should have spread out a bit,or at least put his arty further out on his right flank along with perhaps the Giant as screen for them.


Then he played it a bit odd by first off feeding his Giant to the free people,then he should have tried to at least charge off the hill with his screen,the charging units would have been able to take advantage of the Ensorcelled buff on the charge turn at least and also delayed the opponent from getting to his ranged units castled on the hill.


Really ,artillery in AoS is nice and all but overall its not nearly what it was in WHFB8th and most comp systems hit it pretty hard as they should.In terms of model count/wound count they usually number in the 10 wnd/5 models range and most of the time they are used to target large single models with multiple wounds.Overall the mobility of armys in AoS is much improved over WHFB and static units like Artillery usually get pounded before they can really start to get their comp back,be that wounds or model count.A gunline really needs to have a fair sized buffer zone of at least 6 inches between the screen units and the batteries to have a solid chance of success otherwise most opponents will choose the arty crew to pile in on if given the chance.

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