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I've got a bunch of crap I haven't touched in ages, so I'd like to pass it on to a hamster before going to ebay/bartertown.  I can arrange pickup at DT or downtown.


Bellingham Warhamsters Walpurgis Malifaux Deck 2011 x 2 - $5 each

Bellingham Warhamsters Walpurgis Malifaux Deck 2013 x 1 - $5

Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarcitca Battle Group - Assembled, Primed, some thing coats of base coat on some shipts - $10

13th Age Hardback Rulebook, like New - $15

Last Night on Earth, well-played but complete - $15

Risk: Godstorm, complete - $15

Monsters Menace Amerca - out of print classic beer & Pretzels game.  Box is trashed, but game's all there. -$20

Arkham Horror - the ORIGINAL from Chaosium!  Out of print, board game, just for collectors - $10

Bang! The Bullet!  The bullet case is dented, but ti's complete with all the expansions.  -$10

Flames of War Soviet Army: A Strelkovy Battallion, a bunch of bits, plastic dudes to finish the basis, some artillery and anti-tank guns, and  5 x IS2s.  - $75, which is about the cost of just the tanks - what a deal!

Plano Box full of D&D Monster Tokens - Monster Vault set - $10

6-box set of Dungeon Tiles - containing city, wilderness, desert, town, and market sets.  A huge set from the boxed D&D Master Sets.  $40

A warmaster Chaos Army in Pieces - Not complete, but there's knights, heroes, deamonettes, and more.  $25

Lizardman WHFB Army - Mostly 5th Edition Metals, mostly unpainted. Tons of crap, 3000+ points. Metal Terradons from 5th and 6th, Metal Stegadon, Plastic Stegadon, Multiple Slann, Temple Guard, Skinks of Course, 5th ed Salamanders x 4, 6 or 7 Kroxigor, including some of the most recent metals.  A ton of stuff! - $100

Bag of GW moonscape craters - $5


Anyhow, these prices are pretty low. I just want this stuff gone, so if you can help me out, buy some crap!



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When you say the box for Monsters Menace America is trashed, how trashed do you mean?  Because I might take that off your hands for you.


The box is held together with tape - split at the edges, but the game is complete, board is fine.


Original Arkham Horror, please!


Sad you're getting rid of your FoW. :(  If anyone local picks it up, I'll play against you!

Yeah, me too. Only played it a handful of times, but anything I haven't touched in over a year has to go. 

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