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Sonnia Criid rules questions


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Hi folks!  Played a few games with Sonnia, she's a lot of fun, but I am not 100% on a few of her rules:

  1. Does her Violation of Magic require LoS?  The wording is "When an enemy model with the Burning condition within (Aura)10 of Sonnia is reduced to 0 Wounds, Sonnia may spend a Soulstone or discard two cards to summon a Witchling Stalker into base contact with the model before it is removed."  Most Aura abilities require LoS to affect a target; however, this power makes no mention of target, so I'm not sure.
  2. If a model (e.g. Witchling Stalker) is given the Inferno Condition ("This model gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Flaming Demise: When this Condition ends, all models in (Aura)3 suffer 3 damage.  If this model is killed, all models in (Aura)3 suffer 6 damage instead.") does the *model* count as the one dealing the damage (e.g. for purposes of the Stalker's "Searing Mark: All models damaged y this model gain the Burning +1 Condition.")?

I think that's it for now... :)

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Inferno is a condition, correct? In that case, the following FAQ section would make it not count for searing mark, I think:


2) Q: If a model is killed by a Condition, which Crew counts as having made the kill?A: No model or Crew counts as having made the kill.


Even though this mentions 'kills', I would expect it still applies to damage as well.


The reason for this is pretty clear, I think: conditions could come from multiple sources, especially stacking ones. This would make the original 'source' very tricky to track.


On the stalker, explosive demise is an ability, not a condition, hence it counts for searing mark. On Sonnia, "Flaming Demise" is a condition.

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Not sure I'd necessarily agree in all cases that the model with the condition like Sonnia's and Yamaziko's Brace Yari aren't considered to be damaging the affected models. To me the fact that they don't count as Killing those models feels like an unintended side effect of clearing up scoring rules for conditions like Burning and Poison, while conditions such as Sonnia's and Yamaziko's are quite clear who the damage is coming from.  That said, the FAQ is pretty clear with regards to kill credit.  


In any event, I can't find any instance where it matters other than the hypothetical situation of a witchling stalker gaining a similar condition, so I'll give it to ya.   ;)

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