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Proxy/alternative choices now... vampires

Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I'm in 2016, team skaven. I want to avoid a bashy team and try a pure finesse team. I thought bunnies were but man they have rivaled my Orcs in casualties.


I was thinking of using Siringet models to represent the skaven. Like a wererace. I like the idea for two reasons, the models are decent and the Positionals are easier to distinguish. Plus if you saw my bunnies I do like to use non traditional models when possible. Only downside out of not being rat people is they are very clean so the mutation won't seem very chaos but more like a evolutionary step or a Dr Monroe experiment. Here is the list:


Gutter runner:




Rat ogre:




Gnolls as linemen.


Thoughts, concerns?

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Well two teams I'm debating at this point are underworld or skaven. Playing both now to get a feel. Skaven seem too easy and underworld seems whacky but fun. I'm might scratch the above idea.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

So now looking at vampire team. Was looking at skorne from hordes.


Bloodrunners as vampires look awesome. Great action poses.


Thralls debating between:

Nihilators, great light armor look but metal so different demands to clean



Swordsman plastic so easy to convert but might be too much armor and hard to distinguish. Poses look right




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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I'm prepared for a junk season. If I can get three skills from 7s I should be able to start ok.


I need to decide soon.


Pretre you posted in blood bowl does that mean you plan to play with us?

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