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Post-Apocalyptic Terrain

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This is a C&P of a post I just made to Lead Adventure:


I'm building a post-apocalyptic town!  I'm playtesting a set of post-apocalyptic rules I've written, and to help set the mood for games I need a board full of post-apocalyptic collapse.  I'm loosely basing the town, Last Exit, on some of the small farming towns around me.  I've started with a bunch of Plasticville o Scale scenics.

First up is the local watering hole, a neutral ground where different factions can meet to negotiate and settle differences.  It's the Plasticville Diner with some pipe doodads from the Pegasus Chemical Plant set.  It still needs new signage, some more paint and basing. 

Second is the Hanger, which is going to be part of a ruined airfield on the outskirts of town, and the headquarters of Burners faction.  The Burners are neo-primitives who have reverted to a tribal lifestyle.  This one is easy, it's just the Plasticville Hanger with a paint job.

Third is Militia HQ, a Plasticville Split-Level House converted into a fortified bunker for the New Cascadia Militia.  The NCM is the closest thing to a government in the area, and tries its best to keep any of the gangs of marauders from destroying what's left of Last Exit.  I've included some pre-priming photos as well. 



Interior, Upper-Level:


Fourth is the Blockhouse, a Plasticville Apartment converted into another fortified bunker -- complete with machine gun nest -- that is used as the headquarters of the Sons of the Apocalypse, a biker gang that operates out of Last Exit.




Fifth, the Homestead, representing one of the many small family farms that struggles to eke out an existence in the dying soil of the post-apocalypse.  It's the Plasticville Two Story House with some more bits from the chemical plant box.

There's even more to come:

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Came over here to send you this kickstarter link, but you've already got something better going.  Ah well.




Yeah, I saw that and passed. That stuff is crazy expensive for punched cardboard that only covers a quarter of a 4x4 table.  To do a full table would be close to $500.  And be cardboard.  My table is going to work out to about the same cost, and have far more depth.

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Okay, so finished up the last bits of the Militia HQ, which meant fixing the flag, finishing the garage door, and weathering the chimney topper:


And now when you open the garage, there is a surprise inside: a Bate's Digester, which converts animal waste into methane gas and provides power to the HQ and its vehicles.


And some interior detailing: fireplace, comfy chair, and an office for the Militia Commander.


I also finished a trailer home.  The set comes with three, and this is the first I finished.  This one is someone's home:



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