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Bellingham Warhamsters Tuesday 10/6


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Yea! How about this:


Sgt Dalmer, I'd like to reserve a 40k game with you Tuesday 10/13 about 5:30 or 6. 2000 points. My Eldar will be mostly unpainted, but I'll have a few units finished.


Sherbert, if the good Sergeant will oblige me two weeks hence, I'd be delighted to accompany you on your initial foray into KoW this coming Tuesday. 2000 points, I'll bring elves. Here's the best list builder I know of: http://kow2.easyarmy.com/  If you need help picking an army, let me know. The Lesgue of Rhordia has the steamtank and war altar, but you can also ally with the kingdom of men if you need to.

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The list building app really  takes care of most of the stuff automatically. Each regiment or horde you buy gives you access to a certain number of troops, characters, monsters, or war machines. The force selection rules start on page 23 here: http://manticblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/KoW-rules.pdf  You can pull up to 25% of your troops from an allied force, provided you stick to the appropriate regiment / other stuff ration within each faction. The Kingdoms of Men force list is up here: http://www.manticgames.com/free-rules.html, and the League of Rhordia (halflings and steamtanks and war altars) stuff is on the list builder.


From my games, I've found that:

1) Flying units can be really useful.

2) A good mix of troops seems to work best - Big blocks of troops (hordes) are really resilient, some hammer units are nice, and some mobile chaff can block chargers and protect troops.

3) Shooting is useful for cleaning up chaff or softening larger units, but isn't going to win the game on it's own.

4) You need at least 2 sources of inspiring, maybe more, depending on how spread out you are. Think of Inspiring as a BSB.

5) Keep in mind that each faction has a special rule that applies to most of the models in that faction. For Kingdom of Men, they all have an increased Inspiring range.

6) Magic is great as a support - some healing or lightning bolts can be really useful.

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On the topic of inspiring characters, if you don't already have access to a good spellcaster with inspiring, I strongly recommend throwing the Talisman of Inspiration (I think it's a talisman...) on a wizard so you can have a good multi-purpose guy rather than load up on cheap little boner dudes.


As for me, I'll be down for some X-Wing and probably also leering at your KoW game.


EDIT: Also, I'll make sure to bring my KoW book in so you guys have a spare

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