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2016 Ordo Fanaticus Senate


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Hear ye, hear ye. Attention all Ordo Fanaticus Members,

The people have spoken and I want you all to welcome your new Senate!

Consol:                        savion47 - Shane
Pro-Consul:                 Raindog - Eric
Treasurer:                   Blustorm - Nate
Campaign Czar:          Rhuntar - Jeffrey
Chaplain:                    DisruptiveConduct - Khan

Fabricator General:    evil_bryan - Bryan



Bryan - evil_bryan
Nate - Blustorm
John - Sylvos
Khan - DisruptiveConduct
Eric - Raindog
Jason - Rogre
Josh C - ObscureReference
Jeffrey - Rhuntar
George - George

Josh N - Mr. Bigglesworth

Jay - Jay

Pete - Exile


Prepare yourselves for Ordo Fanaticus 2016!!


Please look for posts on our new charter, our new club events (Annihilation, anyone?!), OFCC 2016 details, new Ordo swag, Blood Bowl tournaments (7's is here!), details on the Praetor program, and so many other exciting things this year!


We are happy to have some new and some old faces as part of the Senate this year. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, praise, or down right awesome stuff to share, reach out to any of us!

For the Good of the Order
Ordo Fanaticus Chaplain

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