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Adepta Sororitas made it to the finals!!

Lord Hanaur

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The 5th Annual Elvensword Ambassadorial Tournament saw the Adepta Sororitas make it to the finals.  


What made it somewhat more special was that the player had his army stolen from his car the night before or else in the morning, so one would have understood if he was more than upset and off his game.


Thankfully I own everything he lost and so I was able to turn the car around and get it and rush back to the store.  It put us behind by about 30 minutes to start the tournament but it was worth it to ensure one of our Ambassadors got his fair shot to compete.  Compete he did.


Matthew Demartino has a BEAUTIFULLY painted white Sisters of Battle army so if you see it on EBay or someone tries to sell one, insist on pics and post them here.  It might help track it down.


In any event, it was exciting to see the Sisters of Battle burninate their way to the top table at the Elvensword Ambassadorial tournament.  He faced an up hill battle against a triple Wraith Knight list at the end and probably fell just a little shot on melta firepower.  Nonetheless, great.

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He was a cool dude and a great opponent despite the weekend having more than its share of pitfalls. Props to him for his games and his attendance and I hope he manages to find his army in the near future.


Also, a huge thanks to LH for lending me some Warp Spiders at the last minute as I discovered mine got left four hundred miles to the south and I wasn't prepared to make an eight-hour trip to go get them. -_- He ran a great tournament and even though there was some snafus (as any tournament will have), he kept things moving and sorted out the details as needed. Shay and I both had a great time and are looking forward to coming back next year- the dice, the food, and the prize support were all excellent and we're hoping to rope a couple more Corvallians into attending as well.

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