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In the past I used Army Painter, Model Expo, Artist Loft (lots of these), Armory, and IMEX. I switched to using "da Vinci" brushes a couple years ago that I ordered from Michigan Toy Soldier.  (also good for other stuff too).  "da Vinci" was my substitute when I was not able to get series 7 Windsors when I heard good things about Windsor but they work as well and the Mich Toy guys said they were similar.  A few months back though I wandered into a Dick Blick store and will be buying my brushes from here from now on.  They have my "da Vinci' brushes, a cheaper "Blick" store brand also. I have been using then both and love them; They also have several Windsor series but since they cost more I passed on them. The brushes are the ones that cost $6-24 apiece but keep their point for a long time when taken care of. One can get coupons for Blick which makes them worth it in my opinion. I have been using the size 2,3,4,5 round and size 2,3 flat on 28mm and 15mm figures with Vallejo paint and oil paints.


It took me years to get to the point of going out on a limb and purchasing the higher quality brushes but once I did I have been using them ever since.

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W&N series 7 will change your painting life if you've never used a good brush before. Don't think of it as intimidating, think of it as a treat. It's more like a nice glass of scotch. You deserve nice things, Tim. You deserve it.


I'll check out the DaVincis, but I just cracked open a fresh W&N. Nothing like that new brush snap.

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Best brushes i have ever used, The Pure Kolinsky Sable is in my opinion better than W&N and cheaper. Its all personal preference but i would suggest getting a brush or two and trying out these. 






Yeah, I use Rosemary brushes too! They're awesome. I don't go with sable because I worry about how the animals get harvested, but their golden synthetics work wonderfully and have an excellent point.

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