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Imperial Guard Armored Co.


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Ordo peeps!

My Google-fu is weak and I could not figure out where the rules for the IG Armored Company (Leman Russ' for troops choices) are. Which book? Because I have a hankerin for some tankerin!


And yes, I know you can (kinda) build this in the current Guard book, but I want to be able to field Russ' as troops. And not be unbound. So, if one of you fine warmongers could point me in the right direction for my eventual world domination, with tanks, that'd be great.



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Requirements: 1 Tank Commander, 3 Leman Russ Squadrons, 1 Hydra

Restrictions: None.

Special Rules: Elite Tank Crews: The Tank Commander, and all vehicles from this formation within 12″ of the Tank Commander, have the Preferred Enemy special rule. Counter-attack, Fear, Fearless

Source: Sanctus Reach: Red Waaagh or WD023

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I looked into the Armored Company for OFCC. The big issue is all the Russes are at the old, more expensive points. You actually get more tanks by going straight guard! I believe my list ended up being something like 13 Russ chassis, 2 Wyvern and 2 Chimera with vets.

Dude. Why do you want to make me get angry at you? This is the internet. People get angry about smaller goofs than this! You didn't even read my OP. You lined yourself up to get yelled at. (Joking) But in all seriousness, yes I know I can run them out of the Guard book. I know......


I knoooooooooooow!


But. I WANT to play them out of the Forgeworld book. Because I don't care about maximizing things. And I want to play my FW Lightning strike fighter. And have Thunderers as troops choices. And Commissar Tanks! And nifty stuff nobody else has. So, if someone could please point me in the direction of the Forgeworld book, that would be stellar.

Thanks and have a great day!

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If you want to preview the book to make sure you want to drop the funds on it, I have a digital back up you can use. I will trust that you will delete it within 24 hours of accessing it.

I will take you up on that. You have my word that I will delete it once I have gathered the pertinent data I need.
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