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Friday League night 10/23

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I will be bringing Stomcast and Goretide which I will probably run Skarbrand with since I just finished assembly on him:)


The next scenario from the first book to try is "Breakthrough" ,its pretty basic as the invader starts up to 6" in on the long side of the table.The Blocker has a somewhat random deployment across the other side of the long end,24" in.

Objective is for the Invader to get at least 25% of their models off the Blockers edge of the board.Stormcast cant drop in within the Blockers territory(long half of the board)..this is my added rule cuz ya know,lightning strike ability would like end the game real quick,lol.

Game length is random with rolls starting at the end of turn 5 and the game ending on turn 7 if not before.


Bring what you have to play,6-10 Warscrolls.


I will also have a copy of the School league rules if anyone wants to try that.That calls for 30 models pre side with an additional 15 if you are summoning.


Post up if you plan to make it,if its not looking like there will be any players this week I may take the Friday off.Though if people are going to make it im in for sure!

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I don't expect to make it tonight, either. My wife's sister is still in town and leaving tonight.


Going to do my very best to make it next week. It's the last night of the league next week, correct?

Indeed it is:)


However we will be discussing another meeting night/location for continued activity as well as the first AoS event in the next month or so.


I believe we will have a club scenario for next week as well,if not ill have a couple to choose from with me.


Catch ya all next week!

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