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Captain A Buys Your Warhammer 40k - And Other Stuff


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Hey all,


I've been running an eBay business for the past few years now and have ramped things up a bit. I'm now looking to purchase lots of Warhammer 40k and other gaming sundries to resell on eBay.


Got a box of minis just collecting dust in your closet?

Got too many minis and your significant others wants it to be thinned out?

Tired of your army and want to go in a different direction?


I'm willing to pay money as well as work out of a commission to benefit us both.

Check out my website at www.trader-a.com for more details.



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Interested in the Tau broadside you have old chap! Let me know what the local discount off eBay would be for cash. ;)


I'll be at the Portland Gaming Store next Saturday doing a painting class to meet!





Yeah, sorry, I don't like to pull of of ebay and sell. Its against their policies.

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