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H:$ W: Terrain Hitch: I live in Ft. Wayne Indiana

James Beadle

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So I am looking for an affordable way to put some terrain on my home gaming table. I don't need a ton of it, just enough to be able to play my 28mm games. I primarily play Warmachine/Hordes, but also AoS and 40K, so idea pieces are suitable for all three games (huts, farmhouses, field pieces, modest ruins, towers, ponds, etc). I currently have all the forest pieces I need. I prefer painted, but am a capable painter so can do it myself if needed. The hitch is that it would have to be shipped to Ft. Wayne Indiana. I don't mind paying you up front if you can give me a couple of references of folks who have been around a while, Bryon, Burk, Eben, Shawn, etc and who will vouch for you. 





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It so happens that I want to sell all of my terrain

I have several built,painted and based GW city scape buildings I have some fortifications an industrial looking river bridge etc.

I have a complete custom western town made with Malifaux in mind on a 3'x3' board

Plus a big bin full of parts and pieces.



Pretty sure Burk and Brian would vouch for me. Only met Eben once.

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