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Bellingham Warhamsters 12/08


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Sherbert and Jim: if you guys are doing 9th tonight, make sure to check out the changes that came out in today's update. If either of you can't make it, I'll gladly fill in as a ringer to test out the new rules. Also if anyone else is feeling daring, I'm up for a game of 9th with YOU.


Cool - updated my list, but not sure that I'll have time to review the BRB rules in detail ahead of time.

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I'll probably spend the evening just watching your game so I should be able to help out with any rule looking up. That is unless anyone else is man enough to take up my 9th Age challenge...


Joey is too much of a wiener-pee cry-baby to take you on. Same with Kevin, save that he also sucks. If I'm right, your rules consulting and sage wisdom would be appreciated!

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I just really don't care like at all about fantasy at the moment. I imagine I probably won't care for the better part of this coming year at the least. All I want to do is X-wing, Infinity and Saga. Speaking of which I think I have infinity scheduled but if not I will have X-wing with me

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